Jane App’s software is designed for use by multidisciplinary clinics. It enables healthcare professionals to collaborate in managing patient care from online bookings, charting, invoicing and processing payments, and running your whole practice online.

As a Jane App Virtual Assistant, I specialise in working with other healthcare professionals to make the switch from existing clinic software systems to Jane App as well as those clinics going from paper-based straight to Jane App. After implementing Jane App, training will be provided to help use the system effectively.


Benefits of a Jane App Virtual Assistant?

  • I already have the expertise to set this up so those endless hours of watching videos and trying to figure it out can be spent running your clinic without any distractions.
  • Quicker transition times enable you to start using Jane App as soon as possible once all the requested information is received.
  • Having implemented this for other clinics, I can share advice on what works best for getting the most out of the software to make it effective for the practitioner’s use and the patient.
  • I provide training on how to get started using the software on a day-to-day level so you’re ready to begin working with it immediately.
  • I am available to assist with any changes or updates that you would like to make to your clinic software after you start using it. This can be ongoing until you get familiar with it or if you do not want to get involved with the detail of it, then I can maintain the software much like a website.