Our Virtual Personal Assistant UK company is run from the office in Reading, Berkshire. By nature of a Virtual Personal Assistant, we are able to offer services to businesses and individuals in any location. Marie has gained a wealth of experience in the personal assistant sector over the past 15 years with companies of various sizes including sole traders’ to top 100 FTSE companies. All businesses have different needs on a range of scales which is why working for multiple clients provides variety as a Virtual Personal Assistant.

Marie has managed busy and changing diaries, extensive travel and working with offices globally. She is competently able to work across different time zones and communicate with various cultures. Her wealth of experience has made her adaptable to a wide range of clients using her skills to enhance and positively impact their business. Marie is passionate about finding solutions to people’s problems in order to create a more streamlined and systematic environment to work in. Running her own business, she also appreciates how important it is to complete projects successfully and on time. This is of great importance to allow clients targets to be met.

Our Principles
These are a few of our business principles we feel are important to strive towards to maintain business standards.

-Committing to high ethical and professional standards is at the core of the business.
-Whilst virtual, we are always available for communication including phone, email, and Skype.
-Where possible looking at cost saving initiatives so that we can reduce your monthly costs.
-Striving to anticipate the changing needs of your business by fostering relationships.
-Proactive and resourceful in coming up with new ideas to enhance your business.
-Create good working relationships with vendors to assist our client’s business.