Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant can seem an unorthodox concept to some businesses but possibly less so now, however, the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant are somewhat appealing to many businesses and could be a turning point for others when you rethink your approach to staffing. Here are a few of the benefits a Virtual Assistant can offer.

Reduce Operating Costs

Onboarding a Virtual Assistant can be more cost-effective than hiring an employee. When you look at the cost of paying an employee to do the same amount of work as a Virtual Assistant, it could be more expensive if you take into account the taxes, National Insurance, holiday pay, sick days and benefits that you are responsible for in addition to the salary.

Improved wellbeing

It may sound obvious but one of the main benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant is that they can help reduce your stress levels by taking some of those important but time-consuming tasks off your hands.  You’ll find yourself happier and more focused because you’re not spending every waking minute worrying about how things are getting done (or not done).

Worklife Balance

Working with a VA to do your admin means you can free up your daily time so you can spend more time on your passion. It’s why you started your business in the first place, isn’t it? Imagine using those hours to meet new clients, explore new business opportunities, catch up with friends or spend more time with your family.

Access to expertise

A Virtual Assistant can bridge some of the skill gaps in your organisation. Virtual Assistants have a varied skill set ranging from social media management, bookkeeping, content creation to specialising in a particular niche. Find a Virtual Assistant who can help specifically for your area of business.


You can employ a Virtual Assistant on a casual, part-time, full time or as required basis.