Pay As You Go
We charge £35 per hour for this type of service. This allows you to have complete flexibility as to when you use the service, making it more convenient for you if you require more of an ad-hoc service.

Retainer Packages
We have various retainer packages – Timeout 1, Timeout 2 and Timeout 3. Our retainer packages help you budget and save money at the same time so are very cost effective. Part payment will be made in advance of using the service by standing order. Any additional time will be billed at the discounted rate at the end of the month. The retainer packages for 10-30 hours as shown below.  We can, of course, look at other hours which may be less or more than those shown

You can also start on a Pay As You Go charge and switch over to a retainer package, once you are familiar with the service and how much time you will need going forward.