What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed business assistant providing support to clients whether they are in or out of the office. The VA works remotely from their own office using the technology available to you to both, to provide you with the services offered.

Do I need a Virtual Assistant?
A virtual assistant is usually considered when the business is expanding and you can no longer keep on top of office administration, or maybe you are simply spending too much time on this aspect instead of growing and developing the business. A Virtual Assistant will help free up your time so that the job will be completed in an efficient and professional manner.

I know I need help with my administration but not exactly sure what I need?
This is a common question asked by clients on initial inquiry. In order to understand your business and where your time is taken up, we will go through a questionnaire to ascertain where we will be most effective in your business.  We can start the process off by doing a couple of tasks that are the most important or time onerous, then In time as we build a relationship, you will pass on more work to your Virtual Assistant.

How does a ‘Virtual’ Assistant work in real time?
A Virtual Assistant does not need to be in the same building as their client in order to complete the tasks assigned. We are moving towards a high-tech virtual collaborative world, which allows the client and the VA to connect remotely through the use of Email, Skype, Google Voice, Dropbox, Google Drive, Webex, to name but a few. Technology is constantly evolving so as long as we understand how best to use it, then working remotely is the way forward for a lot of businesses.

Are you able to work in my office?
We are more than happy to have an initial consultation at the client’s office if local to the area but the majority of the work will be undertaken at the Virtualpa4business office. We will, of course, have regular contact and we can arrange face-to-face meetings periodically if that is what the client would like.

What is the turnaround time on assignments?
On the initial consultation, you will be asked about the deadlines you have for various projects and tasks. This way your Virtual Assistant can prioritise so that your tasks or projects are reading on time.  If for any reason the Virtual Assistant is unable to meet your required timeframe, you will be notified immediately so that other arrangements can be made in passing this on to an associate.

What costs are involved in hiring a Virtual Assistant?
Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be done either one of two ways. The first option is to offer retainer packages which are based on a set amount of hours per month. These range from 10hrs to 30hrs per month and the packages are at a discounted rate to the PAYG (Pay as you go) option. Payments for the packages are paid in advance by the start of the month either by Standing Order or by BACS. The second option is the Pay As You Go Option which is geared towards clients wishing to pay on an ad-hoc basis or for individual tasks or projects. Payment is made monthly and made within 14 days of the invoice. The costs associated with hiring a VA is based on a number of hours they work, with no additional costs so you can budget for the number of hours you need and can afford.

Do we need to provide you with any office stationery?
In most instances, the answer is no. The office is equipped fully with modern technology. All you need to do is send the work. If you have specific software that relates to the project then you would need to enable administrator access and provide the relevant login details. Should we need to purchase items for a specific purpose, such as envelopes, postage, and packaging, these will be added to your invoice at cost.

Can I change my plan if I need to?
Yes, just let us know if you would like to upgrade, downgrade or cancel.  We will agree on a budget and then adjust your plan accordingly for the next monthly cycle.

How am I protected with regards to the confidentiality of my business?
We are more than happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement if requested and our terms and conditions have the relevant confidentiality clauses, which as a business we take very seriously. Virtualpa4business is also registered with the Data Protection Act.

Do you have Indemnity Insurance?
Yes. Virtualpa4business has professional Indemnity insurance.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes. A contract will be sent across to the client once we have agreed the services to be offered and associated terms and conditions.

Do you have credentials?
Virtualpa4business is a member of the UKAVA (UK Association of Virtual Assistants) and is part of the UK VA Network for Berkshire.

How do I sign up?
You can complete the contact form on our contact us page https://virtualpa4business.co.uk/contact or alternatively, please call to discuss your requirements.