Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant can seem an unorthodox concept to some businesses, however, the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant are somewhat appealing to many businesses and could be a turning point for others when you rethink your approach to staffing.  Here are a few of the benefits a Virtual Assistant can offer.

Streamline your costs

Virtual Assistants’ are paid for the actual work that they do. There are no taxes, NI, holiday pay, agency fees, sick days or employee benefits that you would need to consider with hiring a temporary or permanent member of staff. Flexible working hours means you only pay for when you need a Virtual Personal Assistant which could drastically save your business money.

Take Action!: Hire a virtual assistant initially to work the minimum amount of hours that you require and then scale up as needed.

No office space to find

Virtual Assistants’ take no office space and if you work from home or are on the road then your dilemma of hiring an assistant is solved by going virtual.

Releasing control

Here is what CEO Charles Hudson discovered after using a virtual assistant:

“Having a remote virtual assistant is great. Part of what makes it great is that it forces me to write down processes/algorithms for how I want certain tasks done (travel plans, meetings, etc). The process of writing things down has really exposed how poor a job I do of adhering to my own idea of best practices.”

You can benefit tremendously from having “assistance” in running your business more efficiently. By handling everything you’re cutting into opportunities.

For example, by spending 2 hours each day reading and replying to email you’re cutting into time that could be spent finding new clients or working with partners on new revenue streams.

Is it worth your time to reply to an email or to develop more revenue?

Take Action!: Hire a virtual assistant for a 30 day trial period and learn the benefits of not doing everything your self.

More than just a job

A Virtual Assistant’s priority is to ensure that all their clients are happy with their service as their business is their livelihood. If clients are happy, then their service will be recommended to others. They will treat your business as their own.

Work smarter not harder

You may believe that you must churn out 80-hour weeks in order to reach a pinnacle of success as an entrepreneur.  However, burnout is a common fault of many entrepreneurs at all stages of business.  The truth is that entrepreneurs need to work smarter and work harder, but it’s not possible if you’re burned out all the time.

Take Action!: It is smart to work hard on the right tasks, focus on what matters and delegate the rest to a Virtual Assistant!

Hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to reach your business goals faster because your company productivity will improve.You free up time to rest and when you’re working your mind will be operating at peak performance.  You’ll be working smarter.

You free up time to rest and when you’re working your mind will be operating at peak performance.  You’ll be working smarter.

In summary, the benefits of hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant can somewhat outweigh employing a permanent member of staff and the above are just a few of those benefits.
You have nothing to lose and a considerable amount to gain in terms of focusing on more important areas of the business.  If you are still on the fence, ask yourself when is a good time to hire a Virtual Assistant?  Will there ever be?